Pass-through ADVANCE dishwashers

Capacity for Ø 42 cm plates. Three wash cycles. Easy-to-raise and self-balancing hood. Double rotating wash and rinse system, in the upper and lower parts. Wash tub with rounded base, 45 litre capacity, with 4.5 kW stainless steel reinforced resistors. Filter trays on wash drum. Interior filter in drainage. Thermostatic temperature control: wash at 60 ºC and rinse at 90 ºC. Thermal stop system, to guarantee that the minimum rinse temperature is 85 ºC Safety thermostats for wash and rinse cycles. Digital display windows for wash and rinse water temperatures. Error detection system. Boiler for heating rinse water. Rinse water consumption: 3 litres. Non-return system. Built-in rinse aid dispenser. Magnetic micro safety switch for hood opening. Adjustable legs. Electrical connection: 400 V - 3+N+E

  Model Dimensions (mm) Data sheet
AD-120 AD-120 - - - 675x675x1400 Download
AD-90 AD-90 - - - 675x675x1400 Download

Electric Pass-Through dishwashers with drain pump and detergent doser

Specific features: Drain pump (90 W) and drainage cycle.

  Model Dimensions (mm) Data sheet
AD-90 B DD AD-90 B DD - - - 675x675x1400 Download
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