Flight type dishwashers - Electric models

Machines made up of different modules depending on models and requirements. Loading (1.2 m) and unloading (2 m) zones, 900 mm high, with standard 600 mm wide belt for tableware and trays. For other belt types, please refer to following pages. Entry tunnel dimensions 630 x 430 mm. Splash guard module at entry and exit. Double curtains at entry and exit, and dividers in the different interior zones. Stainless steel prewash and wash branches, removable for cleaning. Double filter in the wash and rinse system. Recessed drum base, to ensure total drainage and to make cleaning easier. Rinse module with pre-rinse drum and boiler for heating water. Wash and rinse water temperature control using adjustable thermostats. Analogue thermometers for wash and rinse water temperatures. Safety thermostat. Energy saving system that stops rinse cycle if no tableware is detected. Safety and door magnetic micro switches. Run and stop buttons at entry and exit. Tableware protection system in unloading zone. 2-speed 0.25 kW geared motor. Standard supply of racks: 2 x CT-10, 2 x CV -16/105 and 32 cutlery baskets.

  Model Production Plates/Hour Water litres/h Power kW Dimensions (mm) Data sheet
FI-2700 TS D FI-2700 TS D 2700 300 65,40 4780x900x1650 Download
FI-2700 TS I FI-2700 TS I 2700 300 65,40 4780x900x1650 Download
FI-4000 TS D FI-4000 TS D 4000 300 68,00 5680x900x1650 Download
FI-4000 TS I FI-4000 TS I 4000 300 68,00 5680x900x1650 Download
FI-6000 TS D FI-6000 TS D 6000 300 82,60 6580x900x1650 Download
FI-6000 TS I FI-6000 TS I 6000 300 82,60 6580x900x1650 Download
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