Tilting bratt pans

Fagor Industrial's Bratt pans may be fitted with two types of pan: iron or stainless steel. Similarly, a tilting pan can be fitted, raised by a wheel or by a motor. This range is available in 10 different models, powered by gas or electricity. In addition, they are all equipped with a rotating tap for filling the pan.

Electric tilting bratt pans

Counterweighted folding lid. Shielded elements controlled by thermostat. Pilot lights. Thermostat temperature control (50 ºC - 315 ºC). Water feed.

  Model Volume in l Power kW Dimensions (mm) Data sheet
SBE 1-150 SBE 1-150 150 14,80 - 1200x900x950 -
SBE 1-150/I SBE 1-150/I 150 14,80 - 1200x900x950 -
SBE 1-160/I SBE 1-160/I 162 20,00 - 1600x900x950 -
SBE 1-200/I SBE 1-200/I 205 20,00 - 1600x900x950 -

Gas tilting bratt pans

Counterweighted folding lid. Stainless steel tubular burner controlled by solenoid valve and thermostat temperature control (50 ºC - 315 ºC). Safety system to extinguish the flame if the pan raises. Water feed. Electrical supply: 230 V - 1 + N.

  Model Volume in l Power kW Dimensions (mm) Data sheet
SBG 1-150 SBG 1-150 150 - 30,00 1200x900x950 -
SBG 1-150/I SBG 1-150/I 150 - 30,00 1200x900x950 -
SBG 1-160/I SBG 1-160/I 162 - 40,00 1600x900x950 -
SBG 1-200/I SBG 1-200/I 205 - 40,00 1600x900x950 -
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