Fast spin


• Basic model prepared to be connected to a payment central unit.

• Optional kits for coin token-meter.

• Microprocessor “Touch Plus Control” with display.

• 4 pre-set programs for self-service.

• Possibility of programming, export and import programs through USB memory, without limite.

• Digital sequence display.

• 8 signals for automatic liquid dosing, programmable in time and delay.

• Possibility to install an automatic detergent doser on the rear of the machine.

• Detergent dispenser with 4 compartments (pre-wash, wash, bleachers and softeners).

• Water levels completely modifiable.

• 3 water inlets (Hot water, Cold water, Soft water).

• Safety switch for door opening.

• Wash and spin speeds are configurable..

• These machines have electronic control of imbalance with frequency variator, that detects the load uncentered before spinning.

• Standard frequency: 50 - 60 Hz.

• Hard mounted machine. Machine must be fixed to the floor.

• Elements not included (see next page).

• WRAS approved product.

• Optional version for ETL certified product.

  Model Capacity (Lbs) Spin rpm. Power kW Dimensions (mm) Data sheet
LR-11 TP E LR-11 TP E 11 760 6.25 719x665x1.154 Download
LR-11 TP HW LR-11 TP HW 11 760 0.75 719x665x1.154 Download
LR-14 TP E LR-14 TP E 14 760 9.5 719x810x1.158 Download
LR-14 TP HW LR-14 TP HW 14 760 1.5 719x810x1.158 Download
LR-18 TP E LR-18 TP E 20 720 12.75 788x828x1.308 Download
LR-18 TP HW LR-18 TP HW 20 720 2.2 788x828x1.308 Download
LR-25 TP E LR-25 TP E 28 690 19 884x965x1.318 Download
LR-25 TP HW LR-25 TP HW 28 690 3 884x965x1.318 Download
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