NEO COUNTERS - Concept 600 Snack


Refrigerated counters with drawers - remote unit

Rear guard of 10 cm.

Rotating door-type grill panel.

Perforated stainless steel drawer AISI-304 (18/10).

1 door D = 2 drawers unit H.

Removable, ventilated airtight compressor.

R-134 A Coolant, no CFC.

Forced draught.

Working temperature: -2 ºC, +8 ºC, at room temp 38 º C.

Equipment: 1 grid per door.

Group not included.

  Model No of doors Capacidad bruta (L) Power (W) Dimensions (mm) Data sheet
CMSP-117-HD-R CMSP-117-HD-R 1 268 - 1.192x600x850 Download
CMSP-117-HH-R CMSP-117-HH-R - 268 - 1.192x600x850 Download
CMSP-169-HDD-R CMSP-169-HDD-R 2 416 - 1.717x600x850 Download
CMSP-169-HHD-R CMSP-169-HHD-R 1 416 - 1.717x600x850 Download
CMSP-169-HHH-R CMSP-169-HHH-R - 416 - 1.717x600x850 Download
CMSP-222-HDDD-R CMSP-222-HDDD-R 3 564 - 2.242x600x850 Download
CMSP-222-HHDD-R CMSP-222-HHDD-R 2 564 - 2.242x600x850 Download
CMSP-222-HHHD-R CMSP-222-HHHD-R 1 564 - 2.242x600x850 Download
CMSP-222-HHHH-R CMSP-222-HHHH-R - 564 - 2.242x600x850 Download
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